There are 5 classes in Undercroft: The Warrior, Mage, Priest, Summoner , and Assasin. Each are unique in their own ways. When you first begin the game, you will get to choose a maximum of four characters out of this five. As such, you have to miss out on the benefits of one of these five classes: choose wisely. Conversely, if you feel like you need a great challenge, the game does not stop you from choosing only one class and one character. Or four characters of the same class.


After selecting a character to add to your party, you can choose out of the three stats to add two points to:

Strength is the power of your character’s body. It is especially important for melee combatants. High strength improves melee attack. It also improves maximum health. (Warrior, Summoner, Assasin)

Dexterity affects swiftness, agility and finesse. It is especially important for archers and users of throwing weapons. High dexterity improves ranged attack. It also improves defence through the ability to dodge. (Assasin)

Constitution raises overall character endurance. It is high for characters with strong will and experience with the destructive forces of nature. Heroes with great constitution have plenty of stamina and high resistance to fire, cold and poison. (Mage, Priest)

Basic SkillsEdit

After adding those stats, each character will be able to add a point to any of their basic skills.